Our Story

Hi there!

I'm Dina a mother of 7 (Holy Cow that's a lot of kids!) I always struggle with giving original unique gifts and finding time to shop for gifts or outfits for my kid's birthday. I would stress out when my friend or coworker was having a Baby shower, Welcome home baby gift or my own kid's birthday. I wanted to give an original gift that that would be cherish and not just wear or play with it once and toss it aside. A gift that they would be displayed in their room or beautiful pictures taken wearing it, then stored away to be shown to their kids one day. 

That's why I created PSE Gifts I wanted to make gifts with lasting memories for families. I love the ideal of families one day making a t-shirt quilt out of all their birthday shirts and blankets and presented it to their daughter on their wedding day. Or being the star gift giver at the baby shower with an original personalized gift.

We offer a one stop shop to get all your forever gifts. And even better, they're personalized to highlight your little one's name - something you definitely won't find wandering the aisles of a big box store.

Ready to join me in creating your forever gift?